Tetrathlon (numerical prefix “tetra” – meaning four) is a team and individual competition organised by the Pony Club for its members.

It comprises Shooting, Swimming, Running and Riding.

It is a variant of, and major recruiting ground for the Olympic sport Modern Pentathlon.

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Tetrathlon Shooting Practice Dates – 2020

Sat 27th November – 4pm

Sat 11th December – 4pm

Tues 21st December Time TBC

All at Wilton RDA.

Please remember to bring £2 cash per practice and let Eddie Large  (Tetrathlon Manager)  know by email at least 24 hrs in advance, if you are coming and your preferred time

Tetrathlon Manager

Eddie Large

Email: Info@keystonebrewery.co.uk

mobile 07920 004145

home 01747 870307.